Saturday, September 03, 2011

Program Details of Pejawar Mutt Sr. Swamiji's visit to Konapur region - A success

Namaskara All,
IT Madhva Sangha in association with Bhagyanagara Sri Krishna Mutt, Kondapur was indeed blessed in hosting Sri 1008 Sri Vishwesha Theertha Sripadangalavaru on the 2nd & 3rd of Sept 2011. Please find some pictures from the 2 days where Swamiji went to several houses for Paada pooje on 2nd & 3rd Sept followed by Samohika Bhikshe, Theertha Prasada, Rangoli and Fancy Dress competitions, Pravachana Mangala by Sri Lakshminarayanachar, Anugraha sandesha by Swamiji, Prize distributions and ending with Tulabhara with coins and fruits.

With fantastic and liberal support from our dear members, ITMS was able to give a small kanike of 37,000/- (Including 12k towards Tulabhara as coins) for the various projects swamiji has undertaken pan India under the aegis of Sri Vitthala Rama Trust.

Special mention has to be made of Sri Prahalad Keerni, Secretary ITMS who meticulously planned, lead and helped execute this 2-day event with grand success with fantastic support from our members in this area. We are also indebted to Sri Vasantha Kumar & Sri Pavan Kumar, Treasurer, ITMS who have been of great support in all our programs that we have conducted in Sri Krishna Mutt, Kondapur.

What was very heartening was the excellent support provided by all our ITMS members from the Kondapur and adjoining areas in making this a success indeed. Of course we cannot forget to mention Pt. Sri Lakshminarayanachar and Pt. Sri Nagendra Prasad Achar for all the support and guidance.

Hareye Namaha
Aditya Rao

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