Monday, September 26, 2005

dAsara Vist to Hyderabad - A Grand success

With the blessings of Sri HariVayuGurugalu, the dAsara bhajane and pravachane karyakarama held last weekend (24th Sept 2005 and 25th Sept 2005) was a VERY GRAND SUCCESS. Our sincere thanks to all our volunteers and their families, Sri Krishna Mutt and Sri Uttaradi Mutt.

(One more group photograph of the members and families of IT Madhva Sangha along with dasaru strike a pose at the Sri Uttaradi Mutt at the end of the 2 day grand program)

Members of the IT Madhva Sangha and dasaru strike a pose at the Sri Uttaradi Mutt at the end of the 2 day grand program

dAsaru giving his blessings at the end of a wonderful 2-day program organized by the ITMS, Hyderabad

Our poster being put up at Sri Uttaradi Mutt regarding our program.

People recieving manthrakshate at the end of the program at Sri Uttaradi Mutt, Lingampally

Sri Aditya Rao receiving the manthrakshate at the end of the program at Sri Uttaradi Mutt, Lingampally

Harish's father receiving the blessings from dAsaru at the end of the program

A section of the audience during the pravachane at Sri Uttaradi Mutt, Lingampally

Sri Gururaja dAsaru used a lot of humor during his pravachane and also ensured and kept the audience in a ligther mood.

Sri Gururaja dAsaru explaining the details in action during his pravachane on "harikathamurthasara" at the Sri Uttaradi Mutt, Lingampally (25th Sept - Evening)

Sri Gururaja dAsaru singing a pAda during his pravachane on "harikathamurthasara" at the Sri Uttaradi Mutt, Lingampally (25th Sept - Evening)

Sri Gururaja dAsaru singing a pAda during his pravachane on "harikathamurthasara" at the Sri Uttaradi Mutt, Lingampally (25th Sept - Evening)

Sri Gururaja dAsaru giving his pravachane on "harikathamurthasara" at the Sri Uttaradi Mutt, Lingampally (25th Sept - Evening)

Sri Gururaja dAsaru singing one of the dAsara pAda during his pravachane at Kondapur Sri Krishna Mutt (25th Sept - Morning)

haribhakata's listen to Sri Gururaja dAsaru aptly during his pravachane on dAsa Prampare

Another Section of the people listening to the pravachane at Kondapur Sri Krishna Mutt (25th Sept - Morning)

Section of the people listening to the pravachane at Kondapur Sri Krishna Mutt (25th Sept - Morning)

Sri Gururaja dAsaru during his pravachane on "dAsa prampare" at Kondapur Sri Krishna Mutt (25th Sept - Morning)

People look on during the maha mangalArathi (24th Sept - Evening)

MangalArathi being performed to the brundavana (extreme right) (24th Sept - Evening)

People after the mangalArathi move on to take the blessings of Sri Gururaja dAsaru (24th Sept - Evening)

People look on during the maha mangalArathi (24th Sept - Evening)

People waiting for the mangalArathi (24th Sept - Evening)

A section of the ladies listining aptly to the recital be Sri Gururaja dAsaru (24th Sept - Evening)

haribhakata's listining to the recital be Sri Gururaja dAsaru (24th Sept - Evening)

Sri Gururaja dAsaru appreicating Sri Krishnamurthy for his great talent and abilities to play the harmonium
(24th Sept - Evening)

Seen here are Adava char (Tabla), Sri Gururaja dAsaru (Singing), Sri Paripoorna Chincholi (red shalya) and Sri Krishnamurthy on the harmonium (24th Sept - Evening)

Seen here are Sri Gururaja dAsaru (center), Sri Paripoorna Chincholi (left) and Sri Krishnamurthy on the harmonium (24th Sept - Evening)

A view of the Kondapur Sri Krishna Mutt (24th Sept - Evening)

One more view of our posters (24th Sept - Evening)

Our posters put out at the Kondapur Krishna Mutt which attracted a lot of haribhaktas. (24th Sept - Evening)

Members/attendees found the recital by sri Gururaja dAsaru very mellifluous (24th Sept - Evening)

Side view of people sitting at the Kondapur Krishna Mutt (24th Sept - Evening)

dAsaru singing to his fullest during the kAryakrama (24th Sept - evening)

bhajane mandali members (in yellow sari and red blouse) listen to dAsaru during the 24th Sept (Evening) program

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Appeal for support for 24th/25th program of Sri GururAjadAsaru

Following is the breakup of the expenses that we currently foresee for the 24th/25th Sri GururAjadAsara program. 2 more accomplices who will assist him with the Harmonium and Tabla will accompany Sri GururAjadAsaru.

Train tickets by sleeper class (3 members) - 1800/- (Total 6 tickets to & fro)
Gurudhakshina for Sri GururAjadAsaru – 2250/- (750/- per program)
Gurudhakshina for his accomplices – 1200/- (200/- per program/per person)
Hastodhaka for Lunch/Dinner for 2 days at Kondapur Mutt - 400/- (40/- per lunch for 3 people for 3 lunches each)

This currently comes close to 5,650/-. Currently our Sangha has about 700/- from the monthly collections of about 100/- from regular members. So we are in need of approximately 5000/- for the event. If you are interested in contributing financially towards this unique event (an amount), please kindly make a transfer to the following account

Account Holder Name: Mr. Suparna Chincholi
ICICI Bank Account No: 004001014396

Looking forward to your support and participation in making this program a grand success.

Please let us know your opinion by reply email or you can call us at 9885104058 / 9848940136 / 9866174417

Sri GururAjadAsara visit to Hyderabad (24th & 25th Sept 2005 - Weekend)

We are planning to invite Sri GururAjadAsaru who is a direct student of Sri Krishnadasa MurugOda from Bangalore. He is considered to be an authority in dAsa parampare and known to conduct Bhajanes extremely well. He would be visiting us on 24th Sept 2005 (Saturday) & 25th Sept 2005 (Sunday)

This is a unique opportunity for all of us to work towards the cause of "IT MADHVA SANGHA". I request all the members to kindly come forward to volunteer and participate in making this program as success.

We are planning to have the following rough schedule.

24th September 2005 (Saturday)
PROGRAM 1 – Bhajane Program, 5 PM – 8 PM @ KONDAPUR MUTT

25th September 2005 (Sunday)
PROGRAM 2 – Pravachana on “dAsara Parampare”, 9 AM – 11:30 AM @ KONDAPUR MUTT

PROGRAM 3 – Pravachana on “Hari kathmutha Sara”, 4 PM – 6 PM @ UTTARADI MUTT, LINGAMPALLY

Please let us know your opinion by reply email or you can call us at 9885104058 / 9848940136 / 9866174417


Aditya Rao

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bhajane at Sri Suparna's House

We conducted our regular Bhajane program this weekend at Sri Suparna's house, We have also successfully recorded the SET 1 Bhajane Songs sung by Sri Suparna. A CD for the same will be prepared and distributed to interested members.

Sri Suparna performing the mangalArathi at the end of the Bhajane Karyakrama

Sri Suparna lighting the deepa's ...

Hare Srinivasa

(Clockwise) Sreedhar, Harish, Narasimhachar, Gowtham (behind), Suparna

(Clockwise) Aditya, Harish, Narasimhachar, Gowtham (behind), Suparna

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sri Jagannatha Dasaru

Daasavaryam Dhayaayuktham
Dhooreekrutha DhuraashiSham
Harikathaamrutha vakthaaram
JagannaTha guroom Bhaje!!

Sri Jagannatha Dasa belongs to the group of illustrious Haridasas or the “Servants of God”. Like his Gurus, Vijaya Dasa and Gopala dasa, he belonged to the second group of Haridasas, while Sripadaraja, Vysaraja, Vadiraja, Purandara dasa,and kanaka dasa belong to the first group. They conveyed to the common people the principles of Madhwa Philosophy in Kannada which were so far accessible only to pundits and to those who knew Sanskrit. He (formerly known as Srinivasa) was born on 27th July 1728 at Byagavatti, Manavi taluk, Raichur District in a Brahmin kulkarani family. He received his education in the six shastras under the famous Sri Varadendra swamy of Rayar mutt and became a great scholar. He became so proficient in Sanskrit that he scoffed at those who talked, discussed and deliberated on philosophical doctrines in Kannada. Once he was so much puffed up with pride of his Sanskrit learning that when Vijayadsa invited him for Lunch, he refused to go to him on the pretext that he was suffering from a stomach-ache. , as Vijayadasa was propounding the Madhwa Philosophy in Kannada songs instead of in Sanskrit. For this reason, he suffered severely from an attack of consumption. No medicine could cure him. Lord Srinivasa, Ghatikachala Mukhya PraaNa could not do anything. Peformed rigorous seva at Manatrlaya and Sri Raghavendra advised him to meet Vijayadasa and beg his pardon. He approached Vijayadasa and seeing him surrendering himself and given up his pride, he sends him to Gopala dasa. Taking pity on him Gopaladasa gave him a piece of Jawar bread, sanctifying it with Dhanwantari Mantra and asked him to eat assuring him that he would be cured. Then he became a new man, hale and healthy. At Tirupathi, when he had gone on pilgrimage with Gopaladasa, the Guru parted 40 years of his life and passed on to them by his yogic powers. Srinivasa in the form of Gopaladasa takes pity and feeds this Acharya. He then went to Pandarapur to take darshan of Lord Panduranga. While taking bath at the Chandrabaga of the Bhima River he dive into the water and to his great amazement found a stone on which was inscribed the words “ Jagannatha Vittala ’’ He composes in Kannada the first song, “ Tatikkoti Nibhakaya Jagannatha, Vitalayya, Vitalayya.’’ He carried home joyfully after feeling personally fed by panduranga and assumed the God –given name of Jagannatha vittala and composed songs with the nom-deplume or Ankitha of Jagannatha vittala. Hence –forward, Srinivasa became known as Jagannatha dasa. “ Yendu kaambenu Panduranaga mooruthiya” and “Kande Pandarirayana’’ were the second and third songs and “Palisu pandarireya and Dhanyanaadhe ’’ were the songs subsequently composed by him there.

Jagannatha dasa has composed nearly 10,000 songs, They are lucid, melodious and musical. Besides this, he has composed a monumental work called Sri Harikathamrutha Saara. It is considered as an encyclopedia of Madhwa philosophy in Kannada, As he was well versed in Shastras and Madhwa Philosphy, it was easy for him to reduce the essential principles of Dwaitha philosophy contained in 37 works of Madhwachary in only 32 cantoes of his famous book. It is written in a lucid, chaste and flowing style in Bhamini Shatpadhi metre. It is so popular among the Kannada people and especially among the women-folk that they daily sing many cantoes of this sacred book, in their homes. It is epitome of Madhwa philosophy in Kannada. It is described as the prototype of the great work, Nyaya Sudha of Sri Jaya Thirtha.Besides being a great poet. Sri Jagannatha dasa was an artist of great merit. As he used to paint images of Gods in Rangoli, he was called, Rangavalli –dasa or Rangoli-dasa., or Ranga-valida Dasa. He drew the picture of Sri Ranaganatha in Ragoli in the house of Dewan Poornaiya, of Tippu Sulatan time. But he did not draw the crown and jewels. When asked by the dewan, he said that lord Ranaganatha did not wear them on that day. Dewan sent a messenger to Sri Rangapatam and to ascertain the truth of this fact. He was wonder-struck to know that what Sri Jagannatha dasa had said was perfectly true. So the dewan began to have great reverence and respect for him, as he had miraculous power.

Jagannatha Dasa was a contemporary of Sri Sathybodha of the Uttaradhi mutt, Sri Varadendraswamy of Sri Rayar Mutt and of Sri Dhirendra Swamy of Ritti and of Vishu theertha of Maddur, the celebrated author of Bagavata sarodhdhara. They used to meet together often and discuss and deliberate the shastraas and philosophical problems and some times travel together mostly on the sacred banks of the river Varadha. So Ritti, Karjagi and SavaNoor have become famous places of pilgrimage for Madhwas, as these places have been sanctified by the dust of their holy feet.

The Mantrakshate Tatte given by Sri Jagannatha Dasa to Sri Sathy Bodha swamy is still in Savanur Mutt and Mantrakshatis are still being distributed to devotees from this Tatte alone even to this day. Paduka of `Sri Sathybhodaswamy taken by Jagannatha dasa are being worshipped at manavi at the house of Jagannatha Dasa. The Pallakki given by Rani Lakshammanni ,Maharani of Mysore and the Gokallu of Kumsi, Leaning plate , Saligramaas used by him, Vrindavana made out of Tulasi kaashta etc are still at Manavi in his house.
Jagannatha dasa has a supreme place in Dasa sahitya as his writings and songs are superb for their poetic value and the beautiful rhythmic style of expression of Madhwa philosophy. He holds a very high place in the hierarchy of dasa Koota.He lived for 81 years one month and 20 days and performed vaikunta yatra on 17-9-1809Ad at manavi on Bhadrapada Shuddha Navami at 8-30pm on Sunday , .in Moola nakshatra Pranesha Dasa while consoling the daughter in law of Jagannatha dasa said:

“ Sreekaantha Nolidha Dasaru yi
Yugadhalli Lekhaantharahudhe Thangi,
Shoka Byaadale Naraloka uLidharemdhu yi
KAMBHA DhoLagihare Hey Neere ’’

That faith is true even for this day.

The house has been converted into a temple and the pillar , which he used to often lean, sit and sing, the glories of Hari is being worshipped by all his admirers and devotees. He is remembered for ages to come. A great aparokshjnaani who enjoyed the supreme bliss and communion with the supreme Lord Sri Hari. His work has become a veda to those who are inclined towards Madhwaism. It is said that in one of the songs of Jagannatha dasa that the presiding deities of the Varnas came forth while he was composing his great work Harikathamrutha sara and gave a splendid finish to it. Such is the masterpiece of Jagannatha dasa.

Dhyana Sloka:

JalasheshtaNIbhaakaaraMJagadeesha Padaashrayam
Jagatheethala VikhyaataMJagannatha GuruM Baje
DasavaRyaDayayuktaM DhoorikRuthadhuraashiShaM

HarikathaamRuthavakTaaraMJagannatha GuruM Bhaje

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Bhajane Karyakrama on Sunday 11th Sept'2005 at Sri Suparna's House

Namaskara, Please make yourself available for the Bhajane Karyakrama at Sri Suparna's house on Sunday the 11th September at 6 PM.

It has been nice meeting many new fellow madhvas and would be nice to meet more to create a fantastic satsangh among ourselves. We have been hearing from our members some fantastic ideas to conduct very good activities. But those ideas wont take shape unless You attend every event and be part of the gathering.

I know you are interested and thats why joined the group, but you have to take some time off from your routine busy life and attend the events so as to realize our goal as a group. Hope You will be present at the event.


Sreedhar Krishnagiri

Ganesha Chathurthi Pooje - 7th September 2005

Arrangements made for the Ganesha Chathurthi pooje.

Ganesha Chathurthi was celebrated in grand manner by the IT Madhva Sangha at Sri Subhash's place on the 7th September 2005 (Wednesday). We had Sri Hanumesha Char from the Kondapur Krishna Mutt to help us perform the pooje. The pooje went on well. Later during the afternoon, we had requested the Kondapur Mutt to make arrangements for Thirtha Prasada.

Sri Hanumesha Char getting the kaLasha ready

Sri Hanumesha Char preparing the panchambrutha

Subhash�s mother performing the Arathi to lord Ganesha during the final phases of the maha pooje.