Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stree Dharma - NityaKarma Anusthana for Women

ITMS Mallapur wing conducted an exclusive programme for ladies about Stree Dharma (NityaKarma Anusthana) Programme at Sri Prasannanjaneya Temple, Mallapur on Sunday, the 14th March 2010. The programme was a great success with enthusiastic participation of Hari Bhaktas beyond expectation in number and the zeal. Please find some pictures taken during the event at the end of this report.

Programme started with usual Hari Vayustuti Punascharana at 7.00 am and went on till 8.30 am. Meanwhile about 15 Haribhaktas from Kondapur and surrounding areas arrived before 8AM. Sri Tupsakri Prahalladchar arrived by 9.00 am. After waiting for a while, Upanyasa karyakrama started by acharya on the topic "Anu Harikathamrutha Sara". In fact acharya requested for an excuse since he was not felling well but as ITMS prevailed and requested acharya to at least deliver upanyasa for about half an hour. But acharya, once started, continued for about one hour and dealt at length about the subject. He could complete precisely about 9 nudigalu of "Phalavidu Baldudake" (due to ill health).

Meanwhile, Sri Aditya Rao picked up Sri Chitaguppa Padmanabhacharya and arrived in time to the venue. ITMS honoured acharya with shawl and sambhavane. ITMS expressed its sincere thanks to Acharya and Sri Aditya.

We preferred to continue the second upanyasa with out any break in between as there were more than 50 participants were anxious to learn. Acharya took over the stage and started detailing about what a devout woman is expected to do the moment she opens her eyes in the bed. He continued explaining about various kriyas the lady has to follow during the course of the day. He explained the Shastriya vichara providing scientific reasons to follow the dharma specified in shastras. He also touched the behavioral aspects and how it helps one to transform into a noble soul. He was very curt when truths are to be told, he was very jovial while explaining the lighter things. The entire gathering heard acharya with rapt attention.

The participants were slowly getting added and by the end the gathering was between 70-75 ladies and 20-25 gents.

Session was a marathon, enthusiastic session with 3 hours 10 minutes. He then allowed the participants to get their queries / sandheha cleared in next 30 minutes Q&A session. About 7 ladies sought explanations from the acharya, that benefited all the participants.

Sri Acharya was honoured with shawl and sambhavane by Smt. & Sri Narasimha Char Purohit, Secretary of Sri Prasannanjaneya Temple Committee. The session came to an end at about 2 pm in the afternoon. Subsequently, Hastodaka, Mahamangalarathi to Sri Anjaneya Swamy were offered. All the participants had Teertha and Prasada.
The participants have derived complete satisfaction with the explanation given by both the acharyas and thanked the ITMS for choosing such relevant topics. They were also expressing keen interest to participate in a sequel to this programme if conducted.

On behalf of ITMS, we expressed our sincere thanks to both the Pandits, Temple Archaks & Temple Committee and last but not the least all the participants.

Sri Jayatheerth Kadloor spoke in honor of Sri Prahaladachar & Pt. Sri Padmanabhachar who delivered excellent lectures on behalf of ITMS, Mallapur.

A section of the audience

Pt. Padmanabhacharya C during the pravachana.