Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ekadashi Bhajane @ Sri Sanjay's House - 10th Dec 2006

Dear Haribhakthas,We had arranged Ekadashi Bhajane at the residence Shri Sanjay Bheemasena Rao, December 16th, Saturday from 5pm to 7. pm. (Please hover over the images for more information)

Section of ladies with kids during Bhajane

Sri Sameerana Chincholi (left) giving a discourse on Bhagavatha

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pravachana Karyakrama by Pt. Malagi Jayatheerthachar

IT Madhva Sangha hosted a one day Pravachana Karyakrama by Pt. Malagi Jayatheethachar who delivered fantastic lectures on "Vishwa Matha Madhwa Matha" and "Bhagvata Sandesha for Youth". The program was held on 10th December 2006 (Sunday) at Uttaradi Mutt Malkajgiri followed by an evening session at Uttaradi Mutt, Lingampally.

This program was well received and was attended by about 500 people over the day. We have the recordings of both the sessions and will announce the general availability on our mailing list.

Please find some snaps from the event.

NOTE: Hover (take) your mouse over the image to see its description.

Shri Narasimhachar giving the welcome speech during the start of our program at Malkajgiri Uttaradi Mutt.

Pt. Padmanabhachar welcoming Pt. Malagi Jayatheerthachar.

A section of the audience

A section of the audience

Pt. Malagi Achar giving his pravachana on

Pt. Padmanabhachar honoring Pt.Malagi achar after the program

Achar at Uttaradi Mutt Lingampally also seen are Pt. Jayatheerthachar & Pt. Nagendrachar

Achar delivering his pravachana @ Lingampally Uttaradi Mutt

A section of the audience

Pt Jayatheerthachar & Pt. Nagendrachar

Pt Jayatheerthachar honoring Pt. Malagi Achar after the pravachana

Achar with some ITMS members

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Invitation: Pravachana Karyakrama by Pt. Malagi Jayatheerthachar - 10th Dec (Sunday)

Namaskara All,
We are happy to bring to your notice that Pt. Malagi Jayatheerthachar, who is considered an authority in Madhwa Siddhantha and a great orator, has accepted our invitation to spend some time and deliver upanyaasa’s at Hyderabad. I request one and all from the Sangha to take advantage of this unique opportunity and participate in large numbers.

The program has been scheduled on 10th DECEMBER 2006 (SUNDAY) for your convenience. Coincidently it also happens to be Uttararadhane of Shri Akshobhya Theertharu.

The summary of the event is as follows,

Morning Session – 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM at Uttaradi Mutt, “Malkajgiri” – Pravachana on Vishwa Matha Madhwa Matha – this talk will emphasize on why our siddhantha is the most superior of all.

Evening Session – 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM at Uttaradi Mutt, “Lingampally” – Pravachana on Bhagvatha Sandesha for the Youth – this talk will lie an emphasis on what the youth of today needs to take home from the Bhagvatha and apply its ideas in today’s fast paced life.

NOTE: Theertha Prasada for ITMS Members will be arranged based on confirmation of participation to attend the event at Uttaradi Mutt, Malkajgiri.