Sunday, July 31, 2005

ITMS Members during the Ekadhashi Bhajane ..

Shri Suparna leading the Bhajane karyakrama ...

Sreedhar (right) & His brother singing the bhajans ...

Members and thier families during the bhajane ...

Sreedhars' brother performing the mangalarathi during the Bhajane karaykrama ..

Sri Anadhathirthara photograph during the bhajane ...

Narashimhachar, Subhas see during the ekadhashi bhajane ...

ITMS Members and their families at Sri Sreedhars' house for the bhajane

Sreedhars' brother during the ekadhashi bhajane ...

Friday, July 29, 2005

Invitation - Ekadashi Bhajane at my residence

Namaskara Hari bhaktarige,

The Ekadashi falls on this Sunday 31st Jyly. The event will be held at my residence from 6PM to 8PM. Please Make it convinient to attend.

Venue: Sreedhar's House
Address: #119, SidharthaNagar,
Vengal Rao Nagar
Mobile: 98666174417

Please find the route map in the attachment and also uploaded the same in files section of our group portal. Please Feel free to contact me on my Cell if you face any difficulty reaching my house.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Educational Support Program (ESP)


We have planned to come up with a novel charity program in line with the agenda of ITMS-Hyderabad. The objective is to support deserving and financially poor Madhva candidates. Please find the document regarding this attached with this mail (I have pasted the gist below). We plan to stick this posters across all mAtas in Hyderabad.

What we ideally want to achieve is to support each Madhva candidate with a scholarship of about 500/- for this academic year. Towards this I request all members of ITMS to donate liberally to make this unique venture a grand success. You can donate upwards 500/- which will go towards this noble venture of helping our great community.

The process on how we will be identifying the candidate is also mentioned in the attached document. Please kindly send in your comments and please let me know if you are willing to contribute towards this venture.

Best Regards


-- extract from the document --

The Educational Support Program (ESP) is an ongoing initiative of ITMS and during the PHASE 1 of its implementation, we proposed to carry out the following

Ø Invite applications from deserving madhvas towards the Educational scholarship

Ø Identify 10 (or more) deserving and financially backward Madhva students (preferably school going).

Ø Distribute the scholarship amounting to a MINIMUM of Rs.500/- FOR each candidate for this academic year. We plan to hand over the scholarship on the 21st August 2005 (Gurugala Madhya Aradhane).

Please visit us at to be a part of IT Madhva Sangha Hyderabad

Monday, July 25, 2005

About shrI jayatIrtha (ಶ್ರೀ ಜಯತೀರ್ಥ)

Born: 1340
maThAdhipathi: 1365 To 1388
Preceptor: shrI akshObhya tIrtha (ಶ್ರೀ ಅಕ್ಶೋಭ್ಯ ತೀರ್ಥ)
Aradhane: AshADa bahuLa panchami (ಆಶಾಡ ಬಹುಳ ಪನ್ಚಮಿ)
brindAvana at: on the banks of kAbini at malakhEDa, Karnataka
maTha: uttarAdhi maTha
pUrvAshrama name: dhOnDUrao dEshpAnDe

Adherents of tattvavAda or dvaita owe shrI jayatIrtharu a huge debt. Like hanumanta communicating the thoughts of Lord rAma to sIta mAta, jayatIrtharu is the messenger who brings us the message of shrI madhvAchArya. He has delved deep into shrI madhvAchArya's works and brought us innumerable pearls of wisdom and insight. Indeed, it is impossible to study madhvA shAstra without his help.

All the luminaries who have graced dvaita – shrIpadarAjaru, vyAsarAyaru, vAdirAjaru, vijayIndraru, raghOttamaru, raghavEndraru, to name a few – have only built on the foundation laid by shrI jayatIrtharu, and have not deviated from the line laid by him. Such is his profound mastery over tattvavAda or dvaita.

To put it symbolically, one may consider the sarvamUla granthas (shrI madhvAchArya's works) as the temple that shrI madhvAchArya built to his favorite deity, nArAyaNa or viShNu. Like jaya guarding the portals of vAikunTha, jayatIrtha regulates entrance to this shrine. One has to obtain his blessings in order to enter and obtain the grace of the deity eshrined within.

brindAvana of shrI jayatIrtha

छित्रै पदैश्च् गम्भीरैह् वाकैर्मानैह् अकन्डितैह् ।
गुरुभावम् व्यन्जयन्ति भाति श्रीजवतीर्थ वाक् ॥

In a short span of 23 years, jayatIrtha established tattvavAda as one of the premier schools of vedAnta. After ensuring that there was a strong foundation that would stand future adherents of tattvavAda in good stead, he decided that time had come to relinquish his mortal coils. He chose an able successor, shrI kriShNa bhatta, and introduced him into asceticism with the AshramanAma of vidhyAdhjirAja tIrtha, and handed over the reigns of the maTha to him. On AshAda bahuLa panchami in 1388 he ended his sojourn on earth. As desired by him, his brindavana was consecrated in malakhEDa, next to the brindAvana of his guru shrI akshObhya tIrtha.

(L to R) Suparna, Suresh, Pavan, Sagar, (Aditya's mother and sister), (Sreedhars kAki and kAka) and Sreedhar

(L to R) Sreedhar, Suparna, Suresh, Pavan, Sagar, (Aditya's mothers and sister), (Sreedhar's kAki and kAka) and Aditya

The main mandapam which houses all the the 5 brundavanas of our great gurus ..

mukyaprANa carved out besides the Brundavanas...

River Kagini in spate behing the Mutt at Malkhead

Brundavana's of Srikanta Thirtaru and Vyasar Thirtharu

Srikrishna placed on a swing for the Unjalothsava...

One more scenic spot on our way to Malkheada

On our way to Malkheada - (Vikarabad state highway)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Trip to Malakheda - Details and Photographs [ITMS first yatra]

Namaskara All,
We are just back from a wonderful yatra to Malakheda today (24th July 2005), which coincides with Shri Jayathirtha's purvAradhane. It was a wonderful experience and a truly rewarding one. After the unjalOthsava (thotilothsava) we were apprised on the significance of the day by a senior acharya and we sat through till the Maha-mangalArathi was performed. In the meanwhile we also had our dhrashan of all the 5 brindavans which included that of Shri Akshobhya Thirtharu, Shri Jayathirtharu, Shri Raghunatha Thirtharu, Vyasa Thirtharu & Srikantha Thirtharu. Later during the afternoon we had our Thirtha-prasada and collected our shesha vastra (prasadam) for the seva karikrama each one of us had opted for.

I thank one and all for having co-operated in spite of incessant heavy rains during the entire day and making our first ITMS yathra a very grand success. We also hope that our future ventures will attract more and more such participation.

You can find some important photographs of our yathra uploaded to our Yahoo Groups website at the following location
(Please click on the Malkhead folder)

If you don't have access to the above link, please use the following to view/download a few photographs.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10

If you still don't have access to the above photographs, please drop a mail to and we will directly send the photographs to your inboxes.

Best Regards
Aditya Rao

PS: We will send the final account and expense sheet in about a day's time.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Invite to Ekadasi Bhajane on July 17th

July 17th (Sunday) is Prathama Ekadasi and the start of Chaturmasa. Onthis auspicious day , we have Taratamya Bhajane programme at myresidence between 6-8 pm.

The roadmap is attached with this mail.Please make it convenient to attend this event. Also please feel free tocall my cell incase you have any difficulty, locating my residence

For the Malakheda trip on July 24th, we still need confirmations frompeople who opted for this yatra. Those who are willing to join us ,please update the table at yahoo groups or call any of the moderators ..

Thanks for your cooperation


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Friday, July 01, 2005

Ekadasi Bhajane on 2nd July (Saturday)


Some of the members requested to send the roadmap of venue and the Bhajane song list as an attachment, as they cannot access Yahoo group folders. So please find these attached with this mail.

Event - Ekadasi Bhajane on 2nd July (Saturday)
Venue - Aditya's House in Yusufguda
Time - 6-8pm

Request all of you to attend positively with your family Sharp @ 6pm. Please bring Bhajana Chandrika book if you have