Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nitya Karma Anushtana Program held successfully at Mallapur

The Nithya Karma Anusthana Karyakrama held on 8th June 2008 (Sunday), under the aegis of ITMS, Mallapur was a grand success and well received. We had close to 60 participants who took advantage of this fantastic program under the guidance of Vidwan Pt. Sukeshacharya Jallihal.

The program was held at Shri Anjaneya temple at Mallapur where people had gathered at about 8 AM in the morning. The haribhaktas started off with the parane of Shri Venkatesha Stotra, Shri Vayu Stuti and Shri Rayara Stotra. At sharp 9 AM in the morning Pt. Sukeshachar Jallihal took over the stage to conduct the program. Achar explained in detail about the prathaha (morning) slokas and informed all on the series of karmas needs to be observed starting from waking up from the rightside and following up with dhyana slokas. Following this unique exposition, achar began with demonstrating the Urdhavapundra (Gopi Chandana Dharane) in great detail, by requesting a volunteer to come on stage. Similarly achar also explained on how one should tie kache-panche and informed that it was mandatory for Grahastas to tie kache-panche.

Following this session, a detailed explanation of the all-important Sandhya was made and each and every one was made to recite the slokas once so that it becomes a habit going forward. The sessions ended at about 12:30 PM and achar explained in detail about Parishechana Chitrahuti & Aposhana Mantra as the participants sat for theertha prasada.

The afternoon session started at 2:30 PM, were achar in detail on the benefits of performing sandhyavandhne. This session ended at about 3:30 PM followed by Q&A session where the Haribhaktas took advantage by clarifying their genuine doubts.

ITMS profusely thanks its volunteers from Mallapur Shri Prahalad, Shri Kopresh, Shri Karthik, Shri Raghavendra & Shri Pramod. Additionally, we also would like to express our deepest gratitude towards Shri Anjaneya Swamy Temple committee for their constant support in making this program a very grand success.

Please find below some snaps taken during the program.

1. Achar explaining the arghya pradhaana karya

2. Participants stand for giving Arghya during the workshop.

3.A section of the audience

4. During Theertha Prasaada

5. Sambhavane to Shri Sukeshachar by Shri Annayachar at the end of the program.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Paata on Manimanjari starts at Ranigunj - update

We would like to inform all that the pAta karykrama which was started with the anugraha of Shri Vyasaprathista Anjenya Swamiji of Ranigunj and under the guidance of Pt. Shri Sukeshacharya Jalihal has got off to a fantastic and blessed start. We started off with Manimanjari in the traditional style of paata.

The key advantage of learning Manimanjari is that it would assist in picking up Samskruta to a fair extent and assist in our further endeavors. Thanks to Shri Gururaj and Shri Ramchandra for having coordinate this fantastic program.

Request more and more members to kindly attend this unique program and take advantage of this. As achar aptly quoted, going to paata karyakrama is like going to a shop selling diamonds, and obviously very few would visit the diamond shops. So, it indeed is a fantastic opportunity for all and request one and all to take advantage of this.