Monday, December 31, 2007

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

NGY: Varaha Avataara at Vanasatalipuram

23rd December 2007 was one more milestone for ITMS at Vanasatalipuram, where itorganized it Nirantara Gnana Yagna (NGY) with the Shri Varaha Avatara Pravachane by Pt. Shri Nagendrachar. The program was well received and had a participation of close to 40 people from in and around Vanasatalipuram. Pt. Shri Nagendrachar delivered his pravachana in usual exemplary style giving the Hari Bhaktas a good overview of Shri Varaha Avatara. Some of the important aspects that Shri Pt. Nagedrachar covered included his explanation of Adi Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasha (born to Kashyaparishi and Dithi) and how they were razed to protect the bhu (earth) from going into paatala samudra. He also reiterated the fact that Havis and Homa articles originated from Shri Varaha devaru and that donating 3 types of yeLLu (sesame seeds, red, white & black) is extremely beneficial in warding off evils and ill effects.

Overall it was extremely beneficial program for the attendees and Shri Satyaranarayana, the Manager of the mutt promised all possible support for Vanastalipuram going forward and ensured that he will completely support all our programs there.

Pt. Shri Nagendrachar being honored with a shalya by a senior haribhakta at Vanasatalipuram Rayara Mutt.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Events at ITMS - Ranigunj & Mahendra Hills Centers.

Telephonic Q & A Session
1. 19th December 2007, Wednesday 6.30 pm to 7 pm

Pandit Shri Krishnamurthy Achar has consented to be available to help the members with their queries about Madhva Philosophy & Practices.

Numbers : 9985170586 (preferred) 27054332 (back up)

2. 22nd December 2007, Saturday 4pm to 5pm

Pandit Shri Prahaldh Achar Tupsakri has consented to be available to help the members with their queries about Madhva Philosophy & Practices.

Numbers : 9393343939 (preferred) 24035854 (back up)


3. 22nd December 2007, Saturday 5pm to 7pm

Venue Shri Krishna Mutt, Mahendra Hills, Secunderabad

Topic: Pravachane on SHRI VARAHA AVATARA & Q&A Session by Pandit Shri Krishnamurthy Achar.

4. 23rd December 2007, Sunday 5pm to 7pm

Venue: Shri Hanuman Temple Besides James Street MMTS Rly. Station, Ranigunj.

Topic: Shri Uma Maheshwara Samvaada

This is the dialogue between Rudra Devaru (Maheshwara) and Uma Devi (Parvati Devi) depicting the supremacy of Lord Narayana & Gist of Dvaita Siddhanta.


with warm regards

K Guru Raj
9885286737, 27762511

Monday, December 10, 2007

NGY: Kurmavatara at Malkajgiri - 8th & 9th December 2007

With the Grace of Sri Hari, Vayu and GurugaLu, NGY Kurmavatara pravachana program last weekend at Malkajgiri was successfully completed.

Place : Malkajgiri Sri Uttaradi Matha
Topic : Kurma Avatara
Pravachana By : Pt. Sri Chittaguppa Padmanabhacharya
Start Time : 6:30 PM
End Time : 7:45 PM
Total Audience : ~40 on 8/12, ~40 on 9/12

The Acharya spoke about

1. Kurmavatara of the Lord, the circumstances for the same, and that this avatara is one of the three directly responsible for the gods receiving "Amruta" from the milk ocean; the other two being Dhanvantari and Mohini. Kurmavatara happens only during the Raivata(5th) and Vaivasvata(7th) manvantaras of every Kalpa.

2. The meaning of the word kUrma - One who removes the bad waves of Samsara.

3. The KurmapurANa being the 15th of the 18 MahapurANa-s. Specific prameyas for which SrimadAcharya quotes this purANa as reference. One of them being the 5 dinakalpa-s during which Sri Hari Himself takes up the post of Vedavyasa.

4. Upadesha of Kurma rupi paramAtma to King Indradyumna about dharma and AchAra that one needs to follow as a Brahmin. and other related topics.

The Acharya also spoke about Sri PadmanabhatIrtharu whose Aradhana was on Saturday (8th Dec 2007) and Sri Mahipati dasaru who Aradhana was on Sunday (9th Dec 2007).

Monday, December 03, 2007

Kurma & Matsya Avataara at Lingampally Rayara Mutt

We were waiting for the things to kick off in the main Madhwa center of the City "Lingampally". The wait is finally over and we had successfull pravachana of the 1st and 2nd phase of NGY i.e., Sri Matsya 'ka' & Krurma rupa 'ka' Avataras of HIM.

Pt. Nagendra Prasad Achar (above) as fluent as ever with his trade mark style delivered a wonder full discourse about both the avtaras in very stringent time conditions. We did have some objections or should i say remarks of having each avatara for two days and why are we hurrying up in lingampally.

What we learnt: In brief Matsya(Madah-tsyah) avatara means The One who incarnated to finish/end ego...."Madha vannu nashana(tsyah) madavanu" Kurma(Ku-urm-aha) avatara signifies The One who incarnated to kill or end the bad waves (waves in the sense bad thoughts and all...) "Ku(bad) urm(waves) vannu savaha(end) madavanu" There was a decent audience, as expected senior citizens were out numbering!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

NGY: Varaha Avataara at Ranigunj

In continuation of Nirantara Gnana Yagna (NGY), Varaha Avataara pravachana was conducted at Shri Anjaneya Temple in Ranigunj on the 2nd December 2007.

Shri Prahaladachar Tupasakri, giving a pravachana on Shri Varaha Avataara at Shri Ranigunj Anjaneya Swami temple. Shri Guru Raj our director for Mahendra Hills and Ranigunj has been very actively involved in conducting NGY at Ranigunj.