Sunday, December 06, 2009

Headsup !! Madhva Navami 2010 - Dr. Prabhanajanacharyaru in Hyderabad

Namaskara All,
As you are all already aware, Sri Madhva Navami is fast approaching and this year it is on 24th January 2010, fortunately a Sunday. This year is even more joyous as we will have the opportunity of listing to Sri (Dr.) Prabhanajanacharyaru on Sri Sumadhva Vijaya between 20th January 2010 (Wednesday) - 24th January 2010 (Sunday) right here at Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Malkajgiri.

Dr. Prabhanajanacharyaru immediately consented on ITMS's invitation to be part of the grand celebrations, especially after the wide support and participation during Nirantara Gnana Yagna on Sri Rama Avataara at Malkajgiri this April.

It is indeed an honor for all of to have such an eminent scholar addressing us during this unique paravakaala. Please do not miss this unique and wonderful opportunity indeed !

We are also scheduling pAta karyakrama during the early mornings during his stay and possibly pAta for everybody (esp ladies) on Harikathamurthasara during the afternoons.

Please standby for more information on the event and ensuing competitions we host every year for Sri Madhva Navami.

Dr. Prabhanajanacharya visited Hyderabad on behalf of ITMS during April 2009 and May 2006

Hareye Namaha
Aditya Rao