Monday, June 29, 2009

Devara Puja workshop - a Brief Report !

Here is a brief report on the Devara Puja workshop conducted at UM Malkajgiri.

The workshop was a success with Sri Padmanabha Acharya conducting it very well. While close to 15 bhaktas from different parts of the city participated as actors, another 10-12 listened to the instructions of Acharya from the sidelines. People started assembling from 8 AM and by 9:15 everybody had completed snAna, sandhyAvandana etc and were ready for the main event to start. Copies of Sankshipta Devapuja Paddhati in telugu by Pujya Sri Maligi Bhimachar(He was previously editor of Telugu Tattvavada magazine) were given out to all participants. Acharya went through the different upachAras one by one and explained the meanings of the mantras that are recited at each stage. He also gave details about different sampradayas where applicable.

Special emphasis was given on Naivedya especially on the anusandhana and chintana that is to be followed during that time. It is during Naivedya that we offer all our belongings and actions done during the whole day at the feet of the Lord, while He is feasting on His svAkhyarasa. The bhakta has to meditate upon the Aikya(identity) of his Bimba murthi, the rupa of the Lord in the idol(s), shAlagrAma and the rupa-s of the Lord in all the naivedya items offered.

By 12:15 PM, everyone had finished performing mangaLArati and were tying up their devara pettige-s. Sumptuous teertha prasada was served shortly after that.

Sri Padmanabhacharya clearly explained both the mantra and the tantra aspects of devara puja and was very patient in providing clarifications to all the queries of participants. We once again offer sAshTAnga pranamas to Acharya.

All the participants personally expressed their thanks to ITMS for conducting the workshop and wished that many more such events be conducted on a regular basis.

Please find photographs from the session below:

ITMS Malkajgiri team.

Pt. Sri Padmanabhachar instructing the delegates on the devarapooja

Participants in the midst of Devarapooja under the guidance of Pt. Sri Pamanabhachar

The shishyavarga of Sri Padmanabhachar closely guide the participants through the holy and mandatory ritual.

A few participants came in as observers.

A section of the participants.

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Devara Pooja Workshop" @ Malkajgiri on 24th June 2009

To sustain meeting the Objectives ITMS has set for itself, we are very pleased to announce the "Devara Pooja Workshop" to be held this time at Sri Uttaradi Mutt, Malkajgiri under the guidance Pt. Sri Padmanabhacharya on 28th June 2009 (SUNDAY).

This workshop is envisaged to be of a great learning experience as the participants are expected to bring their Devara Pettige from home and a live demonstration on how each activity is to be performed will be guided by Acharya & his shishya's. The workshop participants will perform the complete devara pooja as instructed by Acharya. Each participant would also be provided with text in Devanagiri/Telugu lipi as needed.

Please find attached the POSTER giving out the exact details of the workshop, please review it very carefully for all the details.

Date: 28th June 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Venue: Shri Uttaradi Mutt, Malkajgiri
Instructed by: Pt. Sri Padmanabhacharya

To REGISTER for the workshop and for any other clarifications, kindly call
Vikram Rayabhari -
9985554503 or
Uday Kumar - 9704093663

You may also register by replying to this email or dropping a mail to madhva.sangha@

Last Date for Registrations: 26th June 2009, 8 PM

Hareye Namaha
Vikram Rayabhari, Uday Kumar & Aditya Rao

NOTE: We want to restrict the workshop to < 20 participants to enhance the effectiveness and reduce logistical overhead. You are hereby requested to kindly register ASAP.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sri Vijayeendra Theerthara Aaradhane

Namaskara All,
Shri Vijayeendra Theerthara Aaradhane was held on 21st June 2009 at the newly constructed house of Shri Shyam Tribhuvan. ITMS pitched in the last minute with several of it’s members participating actively in the program. The program started off with Shri Sumadhva Vijaya parayane, followed by Bhajane and then pravachana on the life history of Shri Vijayeendra Theertharu by three pundits, which included Pt. Sri Nagendra Prasada Acharya, Pt. Sri Sukeshacharya & Pt. Sri Padmanabhacharya. They all spoke about the life and achievements of Shri Vijayeendra Theertharu and his unique contributions in the forms of 104 works of extremely high value. They also spoke of his strong acumen in defeating other schools of thoughts and defeated his great contemporaries like Appaiah Dikshitar. This fountain of gnanakarya followed with Theertha Prasada for all devotees.

Please find some pictures taken during the event below.

Pt. Nagendraprasad Acharya delivering his lecture on his right is Pt. Padmanabhachar and to his left is Pt. Sukeshacharya.

Pt. Sukeshacharya addressing the gathering.

A section of the audience.