Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sthree Dharma & Nithya Anushtaana Program Held Successfully

Sthri Dharma Program which was held on 22nd & 23rd March (last Saturday & Sunday) was a very successful and well received program. Please find some snaps from the program below. In spite of incessent rains over the weekend we had a very good participation from the Hari Bhaktas who participated in large numbers.

Pt. Shri Hanumeshachar Jallihal was exemplary in his delivery of all the four sessions (Sadachara Smurthi, Vishnusahasra naama, Sadachara Smurthi - part 2 & Sthri Dharma). ITMS profusely thanks Smt Sudha Bai for the logistics provided, Pt Shri Jayatheerthachar for providing us the Uttaradi Mutt premises and Karnataka Sahitya Mandira for having allowed us to use their auditorium.

NOTE: Please standby for a detailed report on the program and the proceedings.