Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sri Harivayustuti Punascharana Dwitiya Avrutti Managala Karyakrama - A Huge Success

Sri Harivayustuti Punascharana Dwitiya Avruti Mangala Karyakrama at Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Mallapur was a very huge success on 12-12-2010.  The programme commenced little late than the scheduled time due to winter season. 

About 30 participants gathered at the venue by 9.00 am and as Punascharana progressed, more participants joined taking the total tally to 45.

Sri Kadugolu Rangachar, Malkajgiri to administered sankalpa to the participants.  The Punascharana commenced sharply at 9-15 am with chanting of Sri Venkatesha Stotra, Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, Sri Manyu Sookta, Sri Bhalitha Sookta, followed by Sri Harivayustuti Punascharana in Samputa format envisaged by Sri Vyasarajaru and went up-to 11 am.  Simultaneously, Sri Manjunath, Adoni performed Cow Milk Abhisheka to Sri Mukhya Prana Devaru. 

Sri Tupsakri Prahallada Char reached the venue well in time and performed Mangalarathi to Sri Pranadevaru after Abhisheka. 

Sri Prahallada char commenced his pravachana at 11-30 am. As the pravachana karyakrama was going on, temple archaka Sri Prahallada charyaru carried out Panchamrutha Abhisheka and Alankara with flowers and Silver Kavacha to Sri Pranadevaru.  He spoke elaborately on “Sri Harivayustuti Vaishita”.  He explained in detail the background of Sri Trivikrama Panditacharyaru, his birth, his Panditya and how he was attracted by Srimadacharyaru after defeating him in Tatvavada.

He also explained the manner in which Trivikrama panditaru has explained the mahime of sri Vayu Devaru in three avataras.  He also narrated the thrill experienced by Sri Trivikrama panditaru after seeing Srimadacharyaru engaged in Sri Hari Pooje at Badari and how instantly he started composition of Sri Harivayustuti.  He also told that Srimadacharyaru was very much pleased with the composition and blessed Sri Trivikrama panditaru by composing two stanzas in praise of Sri Narasimha Devaru in the form of Nakha Stuti. He also told that generally stotras composed by Gruhastas are not chanted by peethadhipathis but Sri Harivayustuti & Sri SumadhwaVijaya being the only exceptions where Peethadhipathis in Acharya Sri Madhwarayana parampare chant  every day. The listeners were enthralled and listened to the discourse with great interest. The Pravachana continued for about One and a Half Hour duration.  Sri Prahallada char then picked-up the second topic “Anu Harikathamrutha Sara” and explained 5 stanzas in great detail for about 30 minutes.  In all the pravachana ended at 1-30 pm. 
Sri Jayateeth Kadloor requested Smt. & Sri Narasimhachar Purohit present Tulasipatra Samarpane to Sri Tupsakri Achar and proposed Vote of thanks.  Sri Jayateerth thanked ITMS for owning up the karyakrama and for generous financial help rendered by the Sangha. 

He thanked all the Members of Sri Prasannanjaneya Swamy Temple Committee for the help extended for the tremendous success of the programme.  He thanked all the participants who have gathered from Miyapur, Malkajgiri, Moulali, Mallapur and Ramanthapur.  He also thanked the in-charges of VVMP Ramanthapur & Malkajgiri for extending a helping hand in mobilizing participants for punascharana. A special thanks to Pt. YadhunandhaAchar (VMMP Ramanthapur) for congregating more than 20 members of Purascharana

He specially thanked the ladies for turning out in such great number and expressed confidence that they would continue to participate with same enthusiasm in all the future programmes of ITMS. Then commenced the Parayana of Sri Guru Jagannatha Dasa Virachita “Sri Venkatesha Stawaraja and Sri Lakshmi Hrudaya” by 35 ladies led by Smt. Srikala, Malkajgiri with great devotion.

The highlight of this programme is that Smt. Srikala (ITMS Mahila Mandali) had promised originally to mobilize 15 ladies for this Parayana Programme.  But to our great joy she has mobilized 35 ladies for Parayana.   By then it was about 02-15 pm and Maha Mangalaharati was offered to Sri Pranadevaru.

Though we were expecting about 100-120 people for Teertha Prasada, 150 people graced the occasion.  There was all-round praise for ITMS for arranging such a fine programme.