Monday, March 20, 2006

[PHOTOS] Set 1

Shri Padmanabha Char

Shri Padmanabha Char introducing the Sangha and the speakers

One more view of the decorated Pallaki

A fully decorated Pallaki with Shri Vadirajaara and Shri Vyasarajara Brundavana Photographs.

Prakash, Ramu and others arranging the Pallaki for the Pallaki Seva

[PHOTOS] Set 2

Shri Padmanabha Char's student giving a small talk on Shri Vaadiraajaru

Shri Padmanabha Char's student giving a small talk on Shri Vyasarajaru - this student had extraordinary oratary skills which awed everyone in the audience

Shri Mukundachar from Mulund, Mumbai giving a Pravachana on Shri Vaadiraajaru

A Section of the Audience during the pravachana

Shri Mukundachar

[PHOTOS] Set 3

Shri Mukundachar with Shri Jayatheerthachar during the pravachana on Vaadiraajaru

Shri Jayatheerthachar starting the Pravachana on Shri Vyasarajaru with a mangala Sloka

Shri Jayatheerthachar and Shri Mukundachar during the pravachana

A section of the large audience listining to the pravachana - about 200 people graced the function

One more section of the Audience

[PHOTOS] Set 4

Shri Padmanabha Char concluding the pravachana program with his talk on our Great Saints

Shri Suprana giving away the Sambhavane to Shri Jayatheerthachar and Shri Mukundachar

Shri Suprana honoring Shri Padmanabha char for all the hospitality

People congregate for the aftenoon neyvedya and mahamangalaarathi

View of the Mritikabrundavana at Shri UttaradiMutt Malkagiri

[PHOTOS] Set 5

People carrying the Pallaki during the event.

Sreedhar carrying the pallaki during the Pallaki Seve

At the end of the Pallaki Seve

Shri Padmanabhachar performing the abhisheka at the end of the event.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Directions to Uttardi Mutt, Malkajgiri


Here are the directions from Begumpet Airport to Uttaradi Mutt Malkajgiri. Aditya Rao assures me that once you get to S.R.S Mutt Malkajgiri, it will be much easier for us (ie ITMS members) to come and direct you if you get lost.

Directions (from Begumpet Airport) :


I shall start these instructions under the assumption that you are on the flyover, directly above the airport entrance (I forget its name, but I think you may know what I am talking about)

1.Proceed straight through the 3 flyovers (ie, the one above the airport, as well as the other two flyovers stretching across Gymkhana Grounds and Parade Grounds).

2. After you reach the end of the second flyover, go straight ahead, past St. Ann's College. There should be a round-about.

3. Go straight at that round-about. Turing right, shall take you to Sangeet Theatre, while turning left will take you to.....hmm don't quite know actually (maybe someone could tell me where). However, go straight ahead.

4. Keep on going straight, past Shenoy Nursing Home. Enter the AOC centre, and keep heading straight, until you reach a waterfall circle (ie, a roundabout with a fountain rather than grass).

5. At the waterfall circle, head right. This will get you into the way of Safilguda. Keep heading straight, and you shall reach Safilguda Railway Station.

6. Cross the tracks and 200 metres down, you shall reach an intersection with the statue of NTR (from memory). Keep on heading straight. Turning left shall take you to Neredmet.

7. Another 300 metres down, you shall reach Anandbagh 'X' Roads. This shall be confirmed by the presence of a Venkateshwara temple on your left hand side. Keep on heading straight. After Anandbagh 'X' Roads, keep on heading straight, past some shops on your left, an ICICI ATM on your right.

8. Go underneath the railway bridge, that is just past the Lakshmi Vilas Bank branch office in Malkajgiri. After you go underneath the bridge, keep a look out for a T-Junction. You should see a Shah Electonics shop opposite to that T-Junction. People familiar with the Malkajgiri area will tell you that this T-Junction is 100m before the Anutex Showroom, Malkajgiri. Also note that the T-Junction is adjacent to a shop called S.S Mobiles (which is housed in a complex).

9. At this T-Junction take a left, and 100 metres down, you shall find yourself outside the main gates of Raghavendra Theatre (in another T-Junction). At this junction take a right, and after going a bit further, you shall find that you are in the Malkajgiri 'X' Roads.

10. Take a left, and keep proceeding in the direction of Malkajgiri Police Station. Opposite to Malkajgiri Police Station, there is a lane. Turn right into this lane. Take the first left of this lane. You shall now be moving along a wall which is the boundary of the Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Malkajgiri.

11. Take a left and keep on going straight, past the entrace of the SRS Mutt. Keep going straight, past a Ganesh temple till you reach an intersection. This intersection may be hard to find, but one landmark is that there is an auto-rickshaw stand at this intersection. From SRS Mutt, this intersection is around 1 km.

12. Take a left at this intersection, and keep on going straight. Make sure your eyes are peeled towards a board saying "Sri Gururaja Caterers" on your left hand side. From memory, I believe the lane towards Uttaradi Mutt is the second lane on the left after this board. Once you are in this lane, keep on proceeding straight, and take a left after some short distance. You should now be looking at the Uttaradi Mutt, Malkajgiri.

I would like to mention that my sense of direction is a bit hazy after point 11. However, I have been assured by Mr. Aditya Rao, that once SRS Mutt has been passed, and if you have any queries, you can call the ITMS members, who shall guide you all to UM.

If anyone wishes to add (or remove anything) from this instruction set to make it more clearer, please email me ASAP

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


My humble namaskarams to all,
Before I get onto the information regarding the blog, I would like to take a few minutes to introduce myself. My name is Kovalam Lakshmi Narasimha Prasanna and I am currently a 3rd Year student doing Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering) clubbed with Bachelor of Management, in the University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia. My association with ITMS stems from its inception, although, until recently, I have been what may be construed as a "remote" user, i.e. not being able to be physically present at many of the meetings.

However, this all changed around November 2005, when, with the grace of Shri Hari and Vayu, as well as the kindess of Shri.Aditya Rao, I was able to receive my mudre (my first), from the Vyasaraya mutt Swamiji, during his visit to Hyderabad. I shall be forever indebted to AR, for his help in my mudre. In course of my talks with AR, I volunteered to regularly update our Blog Spot, which has been lying dormant for nearly two months now. AR has kindly agreed, and from now onwards, I shall be the self-styled "Editor" of

Basically, my ideas of developing this blog, is that it could be more interactive with the current (and future) members. Therefore what I propose is that, apart from having annoucements to various ITMS/Madhva events, we also would like articles by the ITMS members as well. This could be in the form of opinions, articles from the newspaper, or tips. One example might be that a member could have made a trip to Mantralayam from Malkhed (without touching Hyderabad), and could give us a trip report, or point out salient details. How this would work is that the contributing member would email me, and then, I will post to the blog, and add the member's email address.

I belive that you shall support me, just as you have supported AR and ITMS for all this time. Also, let us try to inform as many members in hyderabad of the ITMS website, and its blog. In conclusion, if I have offended anyone in this message, I sincerely apologise.
I shall be posting this message onto the blog site as well


Yours Sincerely,

KLN Prasanna