Sunday, July 27, 2008

Devara Pooja Workshop held successfully - 27th July 2008

ITMS has successfully conducted its Phase I of Devara Pooja Workshop instructed by Shri Jayaramachar at Sri Krishna Mutt Kondapur on 27th July 2008 (Sunday). This was a live 4-hour workshop where all the participants were asked to bring their Devara Pettige (box) and perform the Devara Pooja as instructed by the achar.

We initially started off at 7:30 AM in the morning with Snana sankalpa in our Madi’s and performing samuhika snana. We then headed off to the mutt where we finished our pending anhikas and started off with Devara Pooja. The Pooja paddati starting from Nirmaalya Visarjana till Vaishvadeva in about 3 hours was instructed and then performed by all the participants in chorus. It was indeed a very rewarding experience for all the participants. Theertha Prasada at Sri Krishna Mutt, Kondapur, followed this activity.

Sri Jayaramachar instructing the participants

A participant with his devara pooja samagri


Hareye Namaha
Aditya Rao

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ananthagiri Trip - 6th July 2008.

Trip plan and Schedule
Anathagiri (about 6 kms from Vikarabad) is a kshetra of swayam udhbhava Shri Ananthapadmanabha Devaru. IT Madhva Sangha went on a 1-day yaatre to Ananthagiri on 6th July 2008 (Sunday). About 52 of our bandus participated in this unique yaatra.

Ananthagiri is about 90kms from Hyderabad and is a scenic 90 minutes drive from Hyderabad. To add to our punya the HH Swamiji of Kudli Arya Akshobya Mutt was also be present at Ananthagiri. This gave us a unique opportunity to additionally witness the Samsthana Rama Devara Pooje and seek the blessings of HH Swamiji.

The yaatra was scheduled as follows :

7:30 AM - Leave for Anathagiri from Hyderabad.
9:15 AM - Arrival at Anathagiri
9:15 AM - 9:45 AM: Freshen up and rest.
9:45 AM - 10:15 AM: Have the darshana of Shri Anathapadmanabha Devaru.
10:15 AM - 11:30 AM: Anugraha Sandhesha on “Chaturmaasa - its practices and importance” by HH Swamiji
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM: Witness the Samsthana Shri Ramadevara Pooje
12:30 PM - 12:45 PM: Theertha + Mantraxthe distribution by HH Swamiji.
12:45 PM - 2:00 PM: Theerthaprasada
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM: Break/Vishraanthi
3:00 PM - 4:15 PM: Competitions and Games.
4:15 PM - 4:45 PM: Conclude and pack-up
4:45 PM: Depart for Hyderabad
6:30 PM: Arrival at Hyderabad

Samsthana Pooja of Sri Vaikunta Rama Devaru of Sri Kudli Mutt

Sri 1008 Sri Raghuvijaya Theertharu address the ITMS Members

ITMS Members listening to Sri Swamiji

Note on Shri Kudli Mutt
HH Shri Akshobya Theertharu (direct Shishya of Shri Madhvacharyaru) sometime in between 1349 AD - 1364 AD founded the Shri Kudli Mutt by giving ashrama to Shri Shri Trailoyaka Bhusana Theertharu and started a parampare at Kudli in Shimoga. It then came to be known as Kudli Arya Akshobhya Theertha Mutt. During the Vijayanagar time, the Mutt was addressed as “Kudalaarya Mutt” and was very close to the then royal family. 29 highly learned pontiffs have ruled the Mutt over the last 7 centuries and most of the Brindavanas are in Kudli itself. The current pontiff is Shri 1008 Shri Raghupriya Theertharu and the Junior Swamiji is Shri 1008 Shri Raghuvijaya Theertharu. The Pontiffs of this parampare are known for their exemplary oratory skills and great service is spreading our Madhwa Siddhantha by taking up regular sancharas (tours). The parampare has Shri Vaikunta Ramadevaru as the samstana devaru.

Brief Note about current Sri Kudli Mutt Peetadhipatis.
The Senior Pontiff HH Shri 1008 Shri Raghupriya Theertharu took over the pontificate of Shri Kudli Mutt under his Vidhya Guru of Uttaradi Mutt HH Shri Sathyapramoda Theertharu about 3 decades ago.

HH Shri Raghupriya Theertharu is now of advanced age of 94 years but continues to lead the Mutt and has performs Shri Ramadevara Pooje with atmost bhakti and vyragya. HH Shri Raghupriya Theertharu was a senior official in the Agricultural department and was known is his poorvashrama days as Pt. Narayanachar Galagali. HH Shri Raghupriya Theertharu is an exemplary orator and known to have performed several miracles and has a very huge following in Bijapur, Bagalkote areas.

HH Shri Raghupriya Theertharu’s shishya is HH Shri Raghu Vijaya Theertharu and the Junion Pontiff of the Shri Kudli Mutt, who in his pre-pontiff days held B.Tech, MBA and LLB degrees and was a successful professional working out of Mumbai. But HH Shri Raghu Vijaya Theertharu was highly overcome and influenced by the senior poniff HH Shri Raghupriya Theertharu and immediately gave up loukika life and studied Sudha under HH Shri Raghupriya Theertharu and was made a pontiff to lead the Kudli Mutt in the future and he was rechristened HH Shri Raghuvijaya Theertharu.