Saturday, July 04, 2009

“Understanding Chaturmasa”

Pravachana on “Understanding Chaturmasa” on 4th July 09 was successfully discoursed & participated by good number of people across ITMS centers. This was a repeat of single topic discourse @ same time interval at various centers of ITMS within Hyderabad & Nizamabad after NGY-I.

Gist is as below:

Chaturmasa greatness was explained to Bhoo devi by Lord Varaha. Importance of Tapa Mudra dharana & its spitirual & healthy effects in current lifestyle. Why Sudharshana Homa & Panchagavya Homa has to be performed on Ekadasi & Dwadshi respectively.

What should be & NOT be done, consumed during SAAKA Vraatha, DHADI Vraatha, KSHEERA Vraatha & DWIDALA Vraatha vratha’s.

Nizambad Wing

Pundit: Pt. Nambi Vasudeva Achar

Coordinator: Raghavendra Tadipatri

Participants : 8


Sri. Pt. Nambi Achar very interestingly explained about Chaturmasa with examples & what items could be prepared so that daily food could give good taste without vegetables & daily consumables that we people are habituated. Gave how these NIYAMA & change in FOOD habits would directly impact to our health during the rainy & winter seasons.

How Spirituality & science are associated was explained.

NOTE: ITMS Core takes this opportunity to appreciate our family member Raghavendra Tadipatri who takes extra efforts to render his the SEVA to Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu with THANU, MAANA & DHAANA by means of his dedicated, determined single handed contributions @ Nizambad which is more than 200kms away from Hyderabad. Where most of the activities are being executed successfully with co-operation & co-ordination of local people.

Mallapur Wing

Pundit: Pt. Dhananjay Achar

Coordinator: Kopresh & Jayatheerth Kadloor

Participants: 21


Pt. Dhananjay Achar has emphasized much on the youth & how they could manage to follow chaturmasa without getting distracted/disturbe d with their daily activities of attending office/colleges, etc.

Lingampally Wing

Pundit: Pt. Pagadal Jayatheerth Achar

Coordinator: Balakrishna

Participants : 25


Sri Pagadal Achar emphasized more on DHANA & DHARAMA & its credit in multiple folds during chaturmasa apart from explaining indetail about the SIGNIFICANCE, DO’s & DON’Ts during CHATURMASA.

Pt. Jayatheerthachar Pagadal at his usual best during the pravachana at Sri Uttaradi Mutt Lingampally, Hyderabad

A section of Shishya varga & bhaktas listen on at Lingampally.

You can download the audio session of this pravachana as well. Thanks to Sri Kale Balakrishna, VP, IT Madhva Sangha for this.

Kondapur Wing

Pundit: Pt. Sri Sukesh Achar

Coordinator: Pavan & Prahalad

Participants : 22


Sri Sukesh Achar has explained in details as to what are to DO’s & DON’Ts during the chaturmasa period. How we could beg pardon to GOD & get rid of our mistakes (EXEMPTIONS) in case if we do any thing that is part of DON’Ts & was done my mistake/ in ability. But should not intentionally do the errors by not following the NIYAMA.

Achar emphasized as to how people could be united & many other benefits when NIYAMA is followed by explaining about VAANA BHOOJANA & conclusion rules of CHATURMASA VRAATHA.

Everyone thanked Achar as they could get time to clear their personal doubts clarified after pravachana.

Note: More than 50% of the strength was from ITMS Members.

Ramantapur Wing

Pundit: Pt. Nagendra Prasad Achar

Coordinator: Sudheendra & Aditya

Participants: 35


Pt. Nagendra Prasad Achar was emphasizing that it’s a revision exercise for Ramantapur devotees as they are learned & have good exposure to Madhwa shastra & more than 50% of the residents are practical oriented people & keep things in acharnee.

Pt. Nagendrachar at Ramanthapur Rayara Mutt

Malkajgiri Wing

Pundit: Pt. Tupaskari Prahalad Achar

Coordinator: Vikran & Uday

Participants : 28


Sri Tupasakri Achar emphazied much on the subject with the veda slokha’s giving detailed explanations.

Sri Prahaladachar Tupsakri during the pravachana

Malkajgiri Audience

ITMS renders its thanks to ALL THE Pundits, MUTT AUTHORITIES & bhakta vrunda for active Co-operation/ participation in the GNANA KARYA.

||Hare Srinivasa||