Sunday, March 01, 2009

Grand Success of Dr.Prabhanjancharya's Lecture at Malkajgiri - 1st March 2009

Brief Report
First of all I thank all the ITMS members who had given continuous support and put efforts to make NGY at Malkajgiri today a great grand success. Today's program witnessed around 200+ people for the pravachana which itself proves that our efforts did not go waste. This is the only NGY which attracted more than 200 audiences.

Dr.Prabhanjanacharya spoke for about 2 hrs on the important essence of Ramayana. He compared how Sri Raghavendra Swamigalu lived life to that which was directed by Sri Ramachandra Devaru. He talked about the grantha "Rama Charitra Manjari" composed by Raghavendra Swamigalu and its greatness. He explained and proved that Sri Ramachandra devaru is Sarvothama with various examples and quotations from Ramayana. He answered many questions lingering in the minds of our people on the great epic Ramayana and especially by some section of our people indicating that Devaru may not Sarvothamma. He suggested everybody to read and do parayana of the grantha "Rama Charitra Manjari" which contains just 11 slokas but covering the whole Ramayana and it's essence composed by Raghavendra Swamigalu.

There are many things to say. As I cannot type the whole 2hrs of pravachana, the whole pravachana has been recorded by Sri Aditya Avaru. Those who are interested can contact Sri Aditya at 9****04058 for a copy of the talk.

Many Malkajgiri madhva bhandus requested us to invite Dr.V.Prabhanacharya for a week and make one more jnana karya to the benefit of everybody. All the audiences also thanked ITMS for conducting such wonderful pravachanas. All this has happened by the Anugraha of Hari, Vayu Gurugalu. Last but not the least, we all have to thank Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt management for providing us the platform to do all these jnana karya.

Harey Namah

Sri Prabhanajacharyaru at his very best!

Sri Vikram introducing the Achar and thanking Malkajgiri Mutt

Sri Prasanna, Sri Prahaladachar, Sri Vikram & Sri Aditya look on.

A section of the audience.

Sri Vikram and Sri Aditya honouring Sri Prabhanajanacharya

ITMS Members
[L to R - Sitting] Sri Prasanna Kovalam & Sri Tribhuvan Shyam
[L to R - Standing] Sri Sudheendra Das, Sri Vikram Rayabhari, Sri Vinay Kumar, Sri Sudheendra Srinvasan, Sri Aditya Rao, Sri Prabhanajacharya, Sri Uday, Sri Kamesh Pandurangi, Sri Pavan Kumar, Sri Prasanna Venkatesan